Do you have a legal issue in Cowlitz or Wahkiakum County but no money to hire an attorney?

If you are a low-income resident of Cowlitz or Wahkiakum counties, or if are low-income and you have a civil legal matter that is filed in Cowlitz or Wahkiakum counties you can utilize our free services. 

We are a service of the Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Bar Association.

For more information on our services, please download a copy of our brochure!

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    In order to access our services, your first step is to call the Northwest Justice Project’s CLEAR line at 1-888-201-1014 (line open 9:15-12:15 M-F). ‘CLEAR’ stands for ‘Coordinated Legal Education, Advice & Referral.’ The number will be very busy so be prepared to take some time for the call.

    Over 60? Call CLEAR Sr., 1-888-387-7111 You must meet income eligibility requirements for CLEAR screening.  However, there is no income eligibility screening for CLEAR, Sr.

    You can now access CLEAR online! CLICK THE BUTTON to complete the CLEAR*Online application:

    CLEAR Website


    The CLEAR online application is specifically for urgent housing and public benefit cases.


    Moderate Means Program

    Not eligible for low-income legal services?

    Click below to find out whether you are eligible for referral to an attorney through the Washington State Bar Association’s Moderate Means Program. 

    Moderate Means Website


    For more information about receiving help with civil legal issues in Cowlitz and Wahkiakum counties when you cannot afford to hire an attorney, call (360) 425-2579 or Contact Us By Email

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    1338 Commerce Avenue, Suite C (Lower Level)
    Longview WA 98632

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    Our phone number is 360-425-2579
    Our FAX number is: 888-234-4665



    Take a look around our site and find many resources for the self-represented.  We have forms, links to information and how-to videos for your use.

    Volunteer attorneys will find many resources in the various sections of our site as well



    Cowlitz Wahkiakum Legal Aid is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization