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Robert Mumford

Robert Mumford

This often involved working with the juvenile court. He has also been an advocate for equal rights and positive interpersonal relationships. He has always had an interest in the rights of individuals and how to insure people have their basic needs for living met. He is working with his church as a liaison with other agencies or resources for the homeless in our community. Until recently, he has been a certified judge on the Pacific Northwest 4H Horse Judges list.

He has always enjoyed riding horses (both teaching and gaining new skills), music, gardening, and his various pets. Upon retiring Robert began taking music classes at Lower Columbia College. During that time he performed in numerous concerts and went to New York City with the LCC choir to perform in Carnegie Hall. He also sings with the Castle Rock Men’s Ensemble, LCC Community Choir, SW Washington Symphony Chorale, and various other groups. He has sung for many solo opportunities and has recently started to sing for his own in solo concerts. Just for fun he has a YouTube channel to share past performances with his family and friends (or anyone else who cares LOL). He recently performed as the “Funeral Singer” in a short movie and hopes to occasionally sing in local plays (such as NW StageWorks production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Pirates of Penzance”).

Robert appreciates his husband’s patience with all his activities as he often says Robert “cannot say ‘no’ to anything”! Robert’s attitude is keeps him busy and out of his hair!

Robert’s Youtube Channel

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