Our Service Eligibility is limited to low-income persons, who are under 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines,  and senior citizens (ages 60 and over). The official guidelines are published annually in the Federal Register by the Health and Human Services Department.

Legal Aid considers income, assets, and family size, among other factors in determining eligibility.

2020 Federal Poverty Level Chart:

Household Size            200%

1                                               $25,520

2                                               $34,480

3                                               $43,440

4                                               $52,400

5                                               $61,360

6                                               $70,320

7                                               $79,280

8                                               $88,240

In order to see if you qualify for our services, call 360-425-2579 or call the Northwest Justice Project’s CLEAR line at 1-888-201-1014 (line open 9:15-12:15 M-F). ‘CLEAR’ stands for ‘Coordinated Legal Education, Advice & Referral.’ The number will be very busy so be prepared to take some time for the call.

Over 60? Call CLEAR Sr., 1-888-387-7111 You must meet income eligibility requirements for CLEAR screening.  However, there is no income eligibility screening for CLEAR, Sr.

You can now access CLEAR online! CLICK THE BUTTON to complete the CLEAR*Online application:

CLEAR Website


The CLEAR online application is specifically for urgent housing and public benefit cases.