CWLAP Handles

Dissolution (Divorce)

A dissolution of marriage is Connecticut’s legal term for a divorce. It happens when two people have been legally married, and one or both of them goes through the court process to have the marriage ended.

CWLAP will help clients with paperwork and set up a time to see attorney for an Advice Clinic.

Forms Workshop: Dissolution: We offer a Disso workshop every other Thursday for current clients. We will walk you through the process of filling out the basic information on the documents.

Child Support

is an ongoing, periodic payment made by a parent for the financial benefit of a child following the end of a marriage or other relationship


Child custody and legal guardianship are legal terms which are used to describe the legal and practical relationship between a parent and his or her child, such as the right of the child to make decisions and the parent’s duty to care for the child.

Parenting Plan

A Parenting Plan is part of a separation agreement. In the United States it is required by the district court along with divorce paperwork when parents divorce or separate. Depending upon the jurisdiction, separated parents may also enter into a Parenting Plan without ever going to Court.

CWLAP offers a Parenting Plan Workshop every other Thursday for current clients.  We will walk you through the process of filling out the basic information on the documents.


Guardianship is a legal process appointing a ‘competent adult’ (guardian) to be responsible for the care, custody and control for a ‘vulnerable or incapacitated person’ often referred to as a (ward).

Third Party Custody

Generally speaking, third-party custody occurs when one of two options occur: The biological parents do not want custody of the child/children. The biological parents are incapable of caring for the child/children.